About First Home Safety Corporation

The mission of First Home Safety Corp. is To save lives and reduce property and physical damages caused by kitchen fires.

The first stage of this initiative was to design, engineer, test and patent a product that would truly save lives by removing the major source of fires in the kitchen as soon as smoke is detected. That brought the SafeStove System, a unique fire prevention device that stops fire in its track.

The second stage is to empower people in all industries affected by the tradedy of fire, as well as the general public, to participate in a profit-sharing distribution model that financially and personally rewards those who help create awareness and demand for this product.

Once established, First Home Safety Corp. will involve it's growing collection of stakeholders in fire prevention, insurance, child protection and senior citizen advocacy to lobby for the incorporation of this technology at the point of manufacture for all stoves manufactured in North America.

The Inventor

The SafeStove® System was invented by Georges Dufour after he suffered a near fatal stove fire experience in 1998. After that experience, Mr. Dufour spent the next 9 years and more than 2 million dollars perfecting the technology and creating a distribution model that could involve anyone who shares his committment to this cause.


The corporate head office of First Home Safety Corp. is located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

SafeStove® is a registered trademark of First Home Safety Corp.

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SafeStove® is a registered trademark of First Home Safety Corp.