SafeStove System


The SafeStove System

The SafeStove System* works with your existing electric stove. It consists of 1) a controller box that you plug into your stove 220V outlet; 2) a wall-mounted smoke sensor/alarm; and, 3) a remote control that mounts to its assigned spot in your kitchen (but never on the stove).

Use the remote control to grant power to your stove in 15-minute or 12-hour increments. The remote control can be reset to the maximum by pressing either button at anytime. At the end of the preset time, the controller box starts to beep. If additional cooking time is not granted with the remote by the 10th beep, power to the stove elements is cut. If the sensor/alarm detects smoke in the kitchen, power to the elements is immediately cut and the alarm sounds.

Children or anyone (pets included) can be prevented from turning the stove ON simply by hiding the remote out of reach. If the battery in the smoke sensor/ alarm needs to be replaced, your stove won't work ensuring that the system is always active to protect you. A 9V battery is needed to activate the stove. We do not ship a battery with the unit to put the onus on the user and to ensure that a fresh battery is used when the SafeStove System is received.

SafeStove will not disrupt clocks on the majority of stove models. Currently, the SafeStove System works only with electric stoves. A gas model is planned for 2009. The battery in the remote has a lifespan of approximately 10 years.

NEW: The SafeStove System is now also available with the 15 minute only button on the remote control. Order product # SS303SA-15 in the Buy Now section.

* Conforms to UL STD 60730-1A and UL STD UL 60730-2-7, Certified to CSA STD E60730-1 and CSA STD E730-2-7-94, ETL No. 3149001. Patent Pending.


Typical installation time is 10 to 15 minutes without the need of an electrician. It's as simple as plugging your stove in the wall outlet. Tools required include a Phillips screw driver and a drill if anchors are going to be used to affix the controller box to the wall.

  1. IMPORTANT: Always turn the power to the stove circuit OFF at the electrical panel before proceeding with installation or moving your stove.
  2. Affix the smoke sensor/alarm to any wall within the kitchen, not closer than 3 feet (1 meter) but not greater than 10 feet (3 meters) from the stove and 6 to 12 inches (15 cm) from the ceiling.
  3. The Velcro pads provided with the kit are used to hold securely the smoke sensor/alarm on the wall without drilling holes. Do not mount the smoke sensor/alarm on the ceiling.
  4. Install a fresh new 9V battery (not included) into the smoke sensor/alarm.
  5. Pull the stove away from the wall and unplug it from the 220V 30 amp wall outlet.
  6. Plug the controller box into the 220V 30 amp wall outlet. Do not cover the wall outlet with the controller box. Attach the controller box to the wall just above or beside the 220V 30 amp wall outlet.
  7. Plug the stove into the controller box outlet and return the stove to its original position.
  8. Turn the power to the stove circuit back ON at the electrical panel.
  9. The system is now ready to use.


From date of purchase, First Home Safety Corp. (FHSC) guarantees this product for one (1) year against manufacturer defects and provides a 30-day, money back satisfaction guarantee.



As a result from kitchen stove fires, our fire statistics demonstrate that over the last eight years, the Department of National Defence has had three (3) deaths and half a million dollars in material and Property loss, that could have been prevented if only SafeStove would have been installed. Again, thank you for contributing into the protection of human lives and property assets.
Luc Pagé, Office of the Canadian Forces Fire Marshal (Ottawa, ON -Canada)

This small tool [SafeStove], easy to use and install, will reduce the losses of life, material, and especially, the number of calls that firemen attend to. This will considerably reduce the cost associated with cooking fire interventions.
Michel Tassé, Montreal Fire Department (Canada)

SafeStove [...] gives me peace of mind. [...] Once, I forgot to turn the stove OFF and I went to the store. When I came back the stove was off and cold. I strongly recommend SafeStove to every body.
L.A.D. (Ft Lauderdale, FL)

If I had that product about a year ago, it would have saved a lot of smoke damage in my home! Last year on New Year's Eve, I left a pot of beans boiling on the stove and left the house without turning off the stove. I came home to firetrucks, my dogs were panicked and my son was very upset. There was no fire, but plenty of smoke. This new product of yours is a great idea.
M.G. (Miami, FL)

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